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Smartwatch Features to Know About

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A smartwatch is a digital watch that offers many other features besides timekeeping. Touch screen enabled smartwatch that can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Some models don't require a phone connection to work.

Digital watches have been around for decades, with features such as calculators and unit converters. Then it was in the 2010s that technology companies started releasing watches with smartphone-like capabilities.

The fitness aspect of a smartwatch is one of the most significant advantages of owning one. Different smartwatches provide different functions. In the following, we will summarise the functions of the smartwatch and its benefits, which are essential for you to know:

For Health and Fitness Purposes

The most popular smartwatch function is the tool used to track fitness. Smartwatches are equipped with lifestyle-enhancing features such as a pedometer that counts the number of steps the user takes throughout the day.

They also have heart rate monitors to monitor heart rate during workouts. Smartwatch provides other fitness and health tools, including a sleep monitor to monitor the user's sleep quality and quantity, an ECG monitor, and a blood pressure monitor.

To Locate your Phone and Keys

The smartwatch's ability to connect with your phone can be useful if you're constantly on the go and have a habit of misplacing your phone. The "Find My Phone" feature on the smartwatch connects with your phone via Bluetooth and can help you locate it quickly.

To use your smartwatch to find keys, all you need is to attach a custom key finder to your keys, install the "key finder" app on your smartwatch and click whenever you need to find your keys.

Play Music

The following function of the smartwatch is music entertainment. You can play music with your smartwatch with or without your phone. Smartwatch users can play music with their smartwatch by connecting it to their phone and selecting music from the phone's music catalogue.

Smartwatch manufacturers are now including a new feature that lets users play music on their smartwatch without connecting the device to a smartphone. With the latest cellular and WiFi connections, users can download and stream songs directly to their watches.


Using a phone to check directions while driving or cycling is dangerous. It divides your attention, making it difficult to concentrate on the road, and can be illegal in many places.

The Apple Watch, and other smartwatches like it, eliminate the dangers of divided attention by providing directions right on your wrist. In this way, you can focus on the road while still knowing where to turn.

Receiving/Making Phone Calls

With a smartwatch connected, you can make and receive calls on your smartphone. You can also make calls without the watch connected.

Some smartwatch models have a sim card port which allows users to receive and make calls with only using their smartwatch. This can be useful for people who don't want to carry their smartphone around all day.


The Smartwatch function allows users to view notifications from their phone on their wrist. General notifications for Social media, apps, and message, can be viewed from your wrist once connected to your smartphone. This means you'll never miss any updates again.

Fall Detection, Emergency Warning and Call

The smartwatch now has a feature that can detect falls, thanks to a drop sensor. When the drop sensor detects a fall, it immediately sounds an alarm to warn the user. For people who are prone to falls, a smartwatch can be a helpful safety device. It can automatically call for help if the wearer doesn't respond to a warning alarm within a certain time period.


In addition to doing the smart things mentioned earlier, this feature adds a touch of class and sophistication. Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and are often a great complement to traditional accessories or jewellery. They also allow the wearer to change their watch band to match their outfit.

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