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Nixon Regulus: The Watch for Linda Hamilton's Heroine in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Movie

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Movie Summary

Terminator: Dark Fate serves as a direct sequel to 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ignoring the other sequels and reuniting stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The result is an entertaining, nostalgia-fueled action flick that recaptures the essence of the original films.

In Mexico City, an advanced Terminator (Gabriel Luna) is sent back in time to kill Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), who is being protected by an augmented human soldier Grace (Mackenzie Davis) sent from the future. They soon cross paths with seasoned terminator-hunter Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), who joins their fight.

Hamilton steps back into her iconic role seamlessly, portraying a grizzled, battle-hardened but still powerful Sarah. Her chemistry with Schwarzenegger’s T-800 is a highlight. Davis also shines as the formidable yet vulnerable Grace. Luna makes for a chilling new liquid metal Terminator. The action sequences are exciting throwbacks, including a climactic dam showdown.

At its core, Dark Fate is about passing the torch to a new generation. Dani and Grace form the emotional center, with Sarah passing her wisdom as the fight against AI extinction continues. While the story retreads familiar ground, the characters bring fresh perspective.

By directly linking to the first two films, Dark Fate finds its footing in nostalgia while introducing new elements. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger slip back into character like time hasn’t passed. For fans of the franchise, it offers the sequel we’ve waited decades for.

What Watch is Linda Hamilton Wearing in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Movie?

In the 2019 action film Terminator: Dark Fate, Linda Hamilton as the rugged Sarah Connor wears a sand-colored Nixon Regulus watch perfectly suited for her tough character.

The Regulus is a military-inspired timepiece made by designer brand Nixon in collaboration with U.S. Special Operations personnel. Durable and shock-resistant with 100m waterproofing, it features dual chronographs and an inverted LCD display readable in low light.

At 46mm, the watch's imposing size fits Hamilton's hardened, battle-worn Connor, a woman fighting to prevent Judgement Day by hunting Terminators. Her clash with an aging T-800 model played by returning star Arnold Schwarzenegger drives this sequel's story.

With its covert operation features and bold tactical design, Linda Hamilton's Nixon Regulus watch projects the grit and determination central to Sarah Connor's character in Terminator: Dark Fate. The sand-colored timepiece nicely complements her rugged look and relentless mission.


The Nixon Regulus is a rugged digital watch designed for special operations and high performance activities. Housed in a 46mm wide stainless steel case with resin reinforcements, this watch can withstand tough conditions. The rectangular case has a modern, tactical look accentuated by its grey resin strap.


- Brand: Nixon

- Case Width: 46.00 mm

- Case Depth: 15.00 mm

- Model Name: Regulus

- MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): A1180-2711

- EAN (European Article Number): 3608700968001

- Water Resistance: 100 metres

- Gender: Men

- Case Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic/Resin

- Movement: Quartz

- Dial Colour: Black

- Strap Type: Rubber Strap

- Analogue/Digital: Digital

- Case Shape: Rectangle

- Strap Colour: Grey

At the core is a precise Japanese digital quartz movement. The inverted LCD display features large light-colored numerals on a black background for excellent clarity and nighttime visibility. Features include dual chronographs, a countdown timer, day/date, alarms, and a “stealth” mode that silences audible tones.

With 100m water resistance, the Regulus performs for marine activities and swimming. The mineral crystal is hardened for scratch resistance. Integrated microphones provide enhanced sound transmission during phone calls.

In terms of aesthetics, the Regulus has a bold, masculine design befitting the military. The grey strap has a textured pattern and stainless steel buckle. Durable resin provides shock protection on the case sides.

For those seeking a rugged digital watch with specialized features, the Nixon Regulus is a superb choice. It provides functionality and durability to handle demanding conditions during tactical operations, outdoor adventures, training exercises and more. The distinctively tough design matches its resilience.

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