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Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto: Anson Mount's Watch Choice in The Virtuoso (2021) Movie

The Virtuoso (2021) Movie Summary

The Virtuoso is a neo-noir thriller film starring Anson Mount as a mysterious assassin-for-hire. Mount's character, simply known as The Virtuoso, is an expert hired gun who meticulously plans and executes his assignments. However, when a job goes awry, he finds himself as the next target.

Director Nick Stagliano crafts an atmospheric and tense narrative as The Virtuoso attempts to uncover who broke the rules and put a contract on him. Mount delivers an intense, subdued performance as the stoic and highly skilled killer. The film keeps viewers guessing with its winding plot and series of double-crosses and misdirections.

With its moody cinematography and subtle visual storytelling, The Virtuoso harkens back to classic noir tropes. Mount's antihero is an enigma - methodical yet emotionally damaged. The retro costumes and vintage props like Mount's Hamilton watch further enhance the neo-noir style.

While the convoluted storyline borders on excessive, Mount's compelling performance and the film's stylish execution still make for an engaging, slow-burning thriller. For fans of brooding crime dramas, The Virtuoso offers a tense, twisty neo-noir mystery accented by Anson Mount's restrained but captivating turn as a cunning assassin in over his head. The Hamilton watch serves as the perfect accessory for his inscrutable character.

What Watch did Anson Mount Wore in The Virtuoso (2021) Movie?

In the 2021 neo-noir thriller The Virtuoso, Anson Mount sports a Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto watch that perfectly suits his mysterious assassin character.

When Mount's nameless hitman checks his rifle scope, his black PVD-coated 42mm Hamilton Khaki Field can be clearly seen on his wrist. This refined model features a black dial with day and date windows and uses Hamilton's H-30 automatic movement with an 80 hour power reserve.

The Khaki Field Day Date's vintage military-inspired look projects quiet confidence befitting Mount's precisely skilled assassin role. Its blacked-out aesthetic meshes with the film's moody cinematography and noir style. The watch's appearance serves as an elegant, tasteful accessory that adds dimension to Mount's nuanced performance in this neo-noir crime drama.



- Brand: Hamilton

- Case Width: 38.00 mm

- Case Depth: 11.00 mm

- Model Name: Khaki Field 38mm

- MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): H70455133

- EAN (European Article Number): 7640113834661

- Water Resistance: 100 metres

- Gender: Men

- Case Material: Stainless Steel

- Movement: Automatic

- Dial Colour: Black

- Analogue/Digital: Analogue

- Case Shape: Circle

- Glass: Sapphire

- Strap Colour: Silver

With its vintage military design and refined details, the Hamilton Khaki Field automatic watch is a versatile and stylish timepiece. This 38mm model features a stainless steel case measuring a classic 38mm diameter and 11mm thick. The circular case is polished to a bright sheen and topped with a domed sapphire crystal.

Inside beats a Swiss-made automatic movement that powers the watch without batteries. The black dial has a textured crosshatch pattern and displays luminescent hands and hour markers for legibility. The small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock provides a symmetrical, balanced layout.

On the functionality side, this Hamilton watch is water resistant to 100m making it suitable for swimming and recreational diving. The sapphire crystal is highly scratch-resistant to protect the dial. The automatic movement charges itself through the wearer's wrist movements.

In terms of design, the Hamilton exudes a refined military aesthetic. The black dial and matching black leather strap complement each other beautifully. Polished stainless steel case sides contrast with the brushed lugs. At 38mm, it wears well on most wrist sizes.

For those wanting an everyday automatic watch boasting elegance and heritage, the Hamilton Khaki Field hits all the marks. With its versatile styling and Swiss-made craftsmanship, this watch delivers on all fronts. The classic Field design with contemporary proportions makes this a timeless automatic watch.

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