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Movement 101

Ever wondered how the first watches were created? When and Where? There is something special about their past, present, and trademark that made them who they are today.

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Have you seen it on screen? Hollywood movies, series, actors, singers and sportsmen have some of the most extravagant or unique watches in the world. 

Analog & Smart watch

Analog watches have quartz mechanisms and smartwatches are the latest hi-tech innovation. Here you'll find specifications and information about your favorite battery-operated timepieces.

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Mechanical  Timepieces

Mechanical watch movements are among the most fascinating and complex machines ever created by humans. Here you'll find basic informations and spesifications of your favorite manual and self-winding timepiece.


With a host of different watches on the market, how do you choose? Here you'll find the list of timepieces from the most iconic and luxury watches to the interesting ones that will blow your mind.

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Watches are an expression of who you are.

Have you seen that wristwatch from a movie? Laikrodis is an enthusiastic and informative watch blog sharing its passion for the timepiece and movie culture. We are dedicated to providing readers with the best information about the watch and timepieces you see in your favourite movies. In addition, we also provide horology news, opinions, and other related information.

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